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Forerib on the Bone

We recommend 2 portions per bone.

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Stunning and indulgent, Pipers Farm forerib on the bone evokes a real sense of old-fashioned feasting and is probably the most impressive of all beef cuts. If you're looking for a knock-out celebration centrepiece you can be assured that a forerib (also known as ‘côte de boeuf’) will take centre stage.

Available as either two, three or four bones, it's tender, generously meaty, well able to feed a crowd and packed with intense beefy flavour. Cut from the forequarters of the animal, the forerib combines fine-grained texture with stunning marbling that ensures the meat is both succulent and richly flavoured. Cooking the meat on the bone also contributes to its flavour and juiciness.

At Pipers Farm, we're dedicated to growing native breeds so all of our beef comes from Devon Red Ruby cattle that are 100% grass fed. These animals have long been grazed on the pastures and moorlands of the West Country and are well adapted to our climate and their diet of grass, herbs and meadow plants. For centuries, the Red Ruby has played a part on Devon's mixed farms - their ability to efficiently convert pasture into meat made them economical (as well as being good to eat) and they maintained and fertilized the grasslands. We like our Red Rubies to be traditional in shape - not selectively bred for massive size - because we believe those are the animals that produce the best-tasting meat with just the right amount of fat. So while the forerib that we produce might not be as big as that from some continental breeds, we can guarantee the flavour won't disappoint.

How to cook forerib on the bone

Forerib on the bone is a cut that flourishes with unfussy cooking and traditional accompaniments. Make sure your rib is at room temperature, then simply roast at 220°C for 20 minutes before turning your oven down and roasting for a further 30 minutes per kg. Rest for 15 to 20 minutes in a warm place before carving. Serve with crispy thin-cut chips, some nippy rocket and a dollop of bearnaise sauce, all washed down with a big-hearted Burgundy.

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Forerib on the Bone

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I had a 3 Rib Forerib on the bone. Cooked on a BBQ the meat was succulent and so tasty. Excellent.

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