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Salt Beef

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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A really wonderful, traditional treat, we're big fans of salt beef and are really pleased to see it having a renaissance. Salt beef is made from brisket, a joint that is taken from between the forelegs of the animal. The brisket's seam of fat is meticulously trimmed, leaving just enough to imbue the joint with succulence and sweet flavour. Once cured for a week in our traditional-recipe brine, the rolled brisket joint becomes salt beef, ready for classic pot roasting.

Slow growth is the key to succulent, flavoursome beef with hearty depth of flavour. Our Red Ruby calves develop strong muscles, bones and immune systems from drinking mothers' milk for 8 months. Once weaned, they graze on the mixed grasses, plants and herbs of Devon's pastures and moorlands. This natural diet doesn't need to be supplemented with cereals, the Red Ruby has centuries of practice at converting grass into top-quality meat.

All of our animals are slaughtered in small groups at a local, family run abattoir. This means transport time is short and stress is minimised. Our beef carcases then hang for a minumum of 28 days to intensify the flavour and maximise the texture. When ready to cut, our team of expert butchers make the most of every carcase - we aim to let nothing go to waste.

How to cook salt beef

Cooking your salt beef is all about maximising the texture and the flavours imparted by the brining process. Cook the joint just as you might a gammon - in water, with just a few root veg to add a delicate hint of freshness. You can do this on the hob or in the oven, but remember the longer you give it, the more yielding and tender the joint will be, with the flank muscle delivering great flaky texture.

Delicious served hot, salt beef really is in its prime when used as a cold cut. Taking inspiration from epic American deli sandwiches, layer thin slices of salt beef on rye bread with pickles or sauerkraut, mustard and Emmenthal cheese... you'll love it so much!

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