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Braising Beef

250g pack. We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g depending on your recipe.

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Cut from the chuck muscle that sits over the shoulder of the beef carcass, Pipers Farm braising beef is ideal for dishes that require a moderately slow cook. Within just a couple of hours, you'll have tender, yielding meat with rich, deep flavour. Our butchers carefully trim the chuck and evenly dice it, so there's no preparation needed before you cook it and absolutely no wastage. Because our braising beef comes from one the hardest working beef muscles it delivers tremendous bite and texture. This is a tremendously versatile, affordable cut - an ideal freezer staple - that delivers all the quality you'd expect from Pipers Farm meat.

The Devon Red Ruby cattle from which all Pipers Farm beef comes are a traditional, native breed. Alongside our partner farmers, we produce animals that reflect and preserve the heritage of the breed. That means they're best grass fed and grown slowly - allowing them to drink mother's milk for as long as possible and letting their muscles and bones develop at a natural rate. The meat on a Red Ruby carcase is evenly distributed - they haven't been selectively bred to develop huge rumps or shoulders - so every cut is of equal quality but with individual characteristics. We value every piece of the carcase and encourage you to try some of the less familiar cuts - we're certain you'll love them.

How to cook braising beef

As the name suggests, Pipers Farm braising beef works best when tossed quickly in a hot frying pan to sear the outside then gently stewed for an hour or two. Try it in a casserole with root veg, rich beef stock and some treacly stout for a real old-fashioned treat. Or stew it gently with red wine, shallots and mushrooms before popping it inside a hot-water pastry crust for a stick-to-your-ribs pie, served with creamy herbed mash and some sweet, slow-cooked red cabbage.

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Braising Beef

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