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Short Ribs

We recommend 1-2 portions per 500g.

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Comprising a section of the brisket and the top of the chuck muscle left attached to the rib bones, Pipers Farm Red Ruby beef short ribs are a distinctive and characterful cut of beef that looks stunning and tastes delicious. The deeply flavoured meat has robust bite and texture that marries exquisitely with the sweetness of the layer of fat as it melts. Coming from a hard-working group of muscles, short ribs are best cooked slowly on a low heat for fall-off-the-bone tenderness.

At Pipers Farm we support old-fashioned farming methods. All of our beef comes from herds of native Devon Red Ruby cattle that are grown slowly on a whole grass diet. This means the meat is mature and well flavoured with the robust texture that comes from animals with an active lifestyle. All of our cattle are transported in very small groups to a nearby abattoir to be slaughtered. The carcasses are then hung for a full four weeks in a climate-controlled environment. This hanging process relaxes the muscles and reduces the moisture content in the meat, concentrating the flavour and maximising tenderness. We're firm believers in making the most of every carcass and we champion the less well-known cuts such as short ribs.

How to cook beef short ribs

Braising in red wine and rich beef stock for at least two hours - more if you have time - will result in juicy, tender meat that just falls off the bone.

Otherwise, wrap the ribs in a double layer of foil, drizzle with a smidgeon of oil and cook for 6 to 8 hours at 100°C until the meat is soft and yielding. Then douse in sticky-sweet barbecue sauce and cook on a hot charcoal grill until sizzling and charred. Serve with a refreshing slaw infused with a hit of chilli.

Check this instant crowd pleaser for all seasons, the finger-licking and super simple Barbecued Short Ribs.

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