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Lean Beef Mince

250g pack. We recommend 2 portions per 250g.

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A versatile family favourite, our lean beef mince is well worth having to hand in the freezer for plan-ahead meals and last-minute suppers. As it's taken from cuts across the whole beef carcass, it has excellent, characterful depth of flavour able to hold its own in dishes from all types of cuisine. At Pipers Farm we grind our mince coarsely to give it plenty of robust texture, which means it retains body and substance however you choose to cook it. And we don't consider mince to be a by-product: ours isn't full of undesirable bits. It's made from top-quality beef and we're certain you'll be able to taste the difference.

We only ever use beef from native Devon Red Ruby cattle, so our meat is consistent in flavour and texture. Our cattle are slow-grown, grazing the moorland and pastures of Devon and converting that natural food source into lean and delicious meat. We don't rush our animals into unnaturally quick growth, we let them mature gradually, feeding them only mother's milk and grass.

All of our cattle are slaughtered at a local abattoir and the carcasses are hung for 4 weeks. This process ensures the meat is relaxed, tender and fully mature when it comes to being carefully butchered by our skilled team.

How to cook beef mince

There probably isn't a cut of beef more versatile than our lean beef mince – there's a recipe from every cuisine to make the most of it. Conveniently packaged in 250g pouches, it couldn't be quicker or easier to cook. Partner it with tomatoes in old-school Italian classics like lasagne or spaghetti bolognese, spice it up and stuff it into Indian bread for a tasty keema naan, shape it onto skewers, griddle in a searing hot pan and serve with fresh, herby tzatziki for Greek kofta kebabs or indulge in a homely and comforting cottage pie.

Follow our blog for easy-to-cook and knockout recipes that incorporate beef mince like the family favourite Beef and Pork Lasagne.

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Lean Beef Mince

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some mince is gritty this one isnt perfect for spag bol


Good stuff. Excellent taste.


A disappontment ... there was so much water in this mince that I could have filled almost a full cup while cooking. Made my mince all grey and unappetising ... thank goodness for spag bol sauce. Also, some of the bags weren't properly sealed and there were bits of mince outside the small bags but inside the large package. Food hygiene concerns here.


Great products,full of flavour!

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