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Beef Stir Fry

250g pack. We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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Combining the distinctive taste and texture you'd expect from Pipers Farm beef with ultimate convenience, our beef stir fry is a versatile staple that's lean, adaptable and quick to cook. Our expert butchers use the most tender muscles from the carscass – cuts most often used for steaks - to ensure our stir fry is yielding and flavoursome even with the shortest of cooking times. And as it's ready-cut into regular strips, all the hard work's been done for you.

The way we raise our cattle is vital to us – both from the point of view of animal welfare and in the production of top-quality meat. We only ever use Devon Red Ruby cattle, a traditional breed native to our part of the world that thrives on the grasses of our moorland and pasture. We employ methods of husbandry our grandparents would recognize, letting the animals eat a totally natural diet of mother's milk and grass. This means they grow at a leisurely pace, building muscle, strong bones and just the right amount of fat.

Our animals are slaughtered in a small, local abattoir and we make sure all of our beef carcasses hang in a temperature-controlled environment for 4 weeks. This traditional technique draws moisture from the meat and means all of the muscles are relaxed and tender when they come to be cut by our team of skilled butchers.

How to cook beef stir fry

Pipers Farm beef stir fry is tailor-made for, well, stir fries – toss it up with crunchy veg and a tangy sauce for a super-quick supper. Or try it out in any number of other beef dishes. Combine with chilli, fish sauce and coconut for an authentic Thai green curry, thread it onto skewers and serve with peanut dipping sauce for delicious Indonesian satay or go retro with a classic paprika-scented beef stroganoff.

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