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Leg of Lamb On the Bone

We recommend 3 portions per kg.

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The pinnacle cut for anyone who loves a classic roast lamb dish. Leg of lamb on the bone is tender, delicious, and a real traditional favourite. It is one of those show-stopping joints that not only tastes amazing but looks sensational on the table too.

All of Pipers Farm lambs are native Suffolk crosses. A traditional breed that is able to harness the goodness from the abundance of luscious grass we have here in the West Country. We only ever feed our sheep grass, because, as they are ruminant animals that's all they need to flourish. We believe in truly sustainable farming so promise that you will never find any grain-fed ruminants, including all of our sheep and all of our cattle, here at Pipers Farm.

Because our sheep are grown on just grass, this means they take a little longer than most to reach natural maturity but this means they have the time to develop a fantastic texture, which is why we think we have picked up so many awards for our lamb. Our lamb can also be technically termed as ‘hogget’ due to its age and benefits from a slightly richer flavour.

How to cook a leg of lamb on the bone

We recommend taking your leg of lamb out of the fridge for at least an hour before cooking to allow it to rest at room temperature. Cooking at 160°C allows for a slow cook, we like to cook a leg of lamb on the bone for 40 minutes per kilogram.

If you love garlic and rosemary stab a knife through the skin and roughly 1 inch into the meat of your leg of lamb, push into each whole a piece of garlic and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Repeat around 20 times evenly across the leg.

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