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Loin of Lamb

Each Loin weighs approximately 500g. We recommend 3 portions per 500g.

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A superbly tender cut of lamb, our lamb loins are cut from either side of the spine of our grass-fed sheep and so the muscle has done little to no work. It has a very fine texture and would be the equivalent of a fillet if we were talking about beef.

We wrap the loin muscle in a thin layer of fat which can be crisped when cooked in a hot oven. This little bit of additional fat really does add to the ease of cooking as well as adding a beautiful buttery texture and burst of flavour to each slice when carved.

The secret to the wonderfully clean rounded depth of flavour is the marbling of this prized eye muscle. We achieve this by allowing our sheep to grow slowly, done so on pure grass, nothing else! Marbling can also be referred to as intramuscular fat and is the last fat to be deposited and hence is the first fat to be used by the animal as an energy store. To maximize this our sheep must have a highly nutritious diet, making it ever more essential that we care for our soil and pasture quality of our farms. Something that is a fundamental backbone to our ethos and the essence of our sustainable farming methods.

How to cook a loin of lamb

We like to leave our loin of lamb rather pink when cooking. Grab an oven proof pan and warm it on your hob. Rub a little oil, salt and pepper over your loin before placing it in your pan and searing on all sides for a few minutes. Once seared, move it into a 180°C oven and roast for 15 minutes for rare, and 20 minutes for medium rare. The key to maximizing the eating sensation of such fine-grained muscles is resting it. We recommend resting our loins of lamb for at least 20 minutes, covered loosely, before serving.

Why not also try Lamb with rhubarb for a delicious alternative?

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