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Lamb Neck Fillets

Each neck fillet weighs approximately 250g. We recommend 2 portions per 250g.

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They might not sound glamorous, but Pipers Farm free range lamb neck fillets serve up a mighty combination of flavour and texture that any cut would be envious of. The meat comprises a complex collection of muscles, marbled throughout with sweet, melting fat that releases abundant flavour when cooked. The texture is open-grained and slow cooking produces the tenderest of meats. To make life as simple as possible, our butchers have neatly and thoroughly trimmed the fillets of any excess fat or odd bits meaning you can either cook them whole or portion them as you'd like.

All of the lamb we sell at Pipers Farm comes from our flocks of grass fed Suffolk sheep. Ruminant animals have evolved to thrive on a grass-only diet so that's exactly what we feed our lambs: nothing but grass. The secret to their fantastic meat is this natural diet combined with slow growth. We let our lambs run with their mothers, drinking milk until they're 5 months old and we never slaughter a lamb younger than 8 months. This means they've had time to grow to natural maturity, building strong muscles and developing robust immunity. We mature the meat by hanging all the carcasses on the bone for 3 weeks to really maximise tenderness and taste.

How to cook lamb neck fillets

Lamb neck fillets are an excellent cut for slow-cooking. Sear them all over in a very hot frying pan before casseroling in a low oven for as long as you dare - 3 to 4 hours will do the trick - making sure they're well covered in liquid throughout the cooking time. The flavour of our lamb is well-developed enough to work in partnership with all sort of robust flavours. Try it slow-braised in red wine with seasonal root veg, combined with the rich aromatic gravy of a North Indian curry or stewed with plum tomatoes in a spicy Moroccan tagine.

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