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Lamb Shanks

We recommend 1-2 portions per shank.

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The perfect cut for luscious, homely stews cooked slowly until the meat is succulent and fall-off-the-bone tender. Pipers Farm lamb shanks are cut from the lower leg joint and comprise a complex collection of muscles and rich, gelatinous fibres that marry together to deliver really impactful flavour and texture. Because these are muscles that have worked hard when they're slow-cooked the layers flake apart giving amazing eating quality and tenderness. The melting fat adds sweetness and thickens the gravy.

The best meat comes from active, free-range animals that are grass fed and have been allowed to grow slowly to reach natural maturity. That's why at Pipers Farm we grow our Suffolk lambs on a diet of mother's milk and grass until they're at least 8 months old. The Suffolk is a native breed that's adapted over centuries to make the most of the grasslands of Britain. Their digestive systems are expert at getting every last drop of nourishment out of the grass they graze. They're not designed to eat grains and concentrates, so, as we're not in a hurry to fatten them up unnaturally quickly we never feed these to our ruminant animals. The secret to the deliciousness of our lamb is letting nature do all the work.

How to cook lamb shank

For the classic, slow-braised lamb shanks start by searing the meat all over until sealed and starting to brown. Add to a casserole with some softened onions, a clove or two of garlic, a good handful of fresh herbs, plenty of lamb or chicken stock and a generous splash of white wine.

Allow to cook gently for at least two hours until the fat and bone marrow has melted away into the gravy and the bone comes away cleanly from the meat.

Serve with smooth buttery mash, polenta or risotto and wilted greens or earthy roast beetroot for a really satisfying winter warmer.

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Lamb Shanks

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Love to slow braise these with honey and thyme

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