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Lamb Mince

Packed in 250g packs. We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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Cut from across the lamb carcass to give it a well-rounded flavour profile, Pipers Farm lamb mince has all of the characteristic robustness that makes our lamb so distinctive. Our butchers scrupulously select the cuts that go into our mince, trimming off any excess fat or gnarly bits before coarse grinding it to give excellent texture once cooked. You'll find absolutely no filler or bulking agent: it's 100% top quality lamb. Packed into handy 250g portions that are ideal for storing in the freezer, Pipers Farm lamb mince is the perfect ingredient for everything from burgers and meatballs to moussakas and koftas.

All of Pipers Farm lambs are produced from native Suffolk crosses that are grass fed and free range. This is a traditional breed that's able to make the most of Devon's meadows and moorlands and is well suited to our climate. We only ever feed our sheep grass because as ruminant animals that's all they need to thrive. A long, slow-growing period means our lambs grow muscular frames and strong skeletons as they graze and browse. It also means their meat has time to develop real depth of flavour - something that's lost in animals that are slaughtered when very young. After slaughter at a local abattoir, our lamb carcases hang for a full 3 weeks to further intensify flavour and maximise tenderness.

How to cook lamb mince

Lamb mince is the ultimate in versatile ingredients, well able to match and complement robust flavours from any number of cooking styles. So go super-traditional with a rich, tomatoey shepherd's pie or shape your mince into burgers, sear them on the grill and serve in warm pitta breads with refreshing tzatziki.

Warming Indian middle eastern spices are also an excellent marriage for lamb mince: try it as the filling for a stuffed keema naan or combine it with rice and spinach in an aromatic Moroccan pilaf.

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