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Lamb Steaks

Each steak weighs approximately 85g. We recommend 1-2 steaks per portion.

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A beautifully straightforward cut of meat, Pipers Farm lamb steaks are taken from the leg muscle and reflect all of the tenderness and depth of flavour that makes our lamb so distinctive. Our butchers carefully trim off all superficial fat to produce a steak that's lean and waste-free but kept moist by its delicate internal marbling. The open-grained texture reflects the hard work this muscle has done and gives the steak a bit of satisfying bite while remaining tender. We think this is a cut that's every bit as delicious - and versatile - as a beef steak.

Sheep are the most obvious free-ranging of all farm animals and are well adapted to every climate and terrain the UK can throw at them. Pipers Farm free range, grass fed lambs come from Suffolk-cross sheep. They have all of the character and quality that comes with our native breeds and, importantly for us, the meat they produce is consistently good throughout the year. Our lambs are reared on mothers' milk until they're five months old, after which they eat only the grass from Devon's meadows and moorlands. Because we don't dress our grasslands in fertilisers and pesticides, the meat from our lambs is as naturally good for you as it gets.

How to cook lamb steaks

Best treated with a light touch, Pipers Farm lamb steaks respond to quick, unfussy cooking and simple accompaniments that let them be the star of the plate.

Simply sear them in a shimmering hot pan or griddle until they're well browned and crisping on the outside. Remove from the pan, wrap in foil and allow to rest for a few minutes before serving - they'll be perfectly pink inside. Go super simple and serve with al dente asparagus and buttery new potatoes.

Or try the steaks sliced thin atop a bed of herby couscous studded with pomegranate seeds and drizzled with a light, lemony dressing.

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