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Lambs' Liver

Packed in 250g packs. We recommend 2 portions per 250g.

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Tender, delicious and a real traditional favourite, lamb's liver is one of nature's true superfoods. Packed with protein, thiamine, folate, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, omega 3 and several B vitamins, liver helps build muscle, store energy and boost stamina and endurance. It’s a great way to rack up healthy amino acids. Not only it tastes great, it's also quick and simple to prepare and incredibly good value. An all-round winner!

All of the offal we sell at Pipers Farm comes from our own free range, grass fed animals. We know that our lamb's liver comes from animals that have been fed nothing but mother's milk and grass. They've been given only minimal, necessary medication and the pasture they graze has not been doused in chemicals. So we're confident that the offal we sell is fully traceable, clean and healthy. After slaughter, our butchers harvest the lamb's liver as quickly as possible, cooling then blast freezing it to lock in all the goodness and keep it as fresh as can be.

How to cook lamb's liver

Lamb's liver is justifiably a classic in many different cuisines, but lots of people are put off eating it because they've only ever experienced it as rubbery and grainy from overcooking. When treated gently and cooked quickly it's delicate, tender and softly textured.

Melt some butter over a high heat in a hot frying pan until sizzling and foaming. Slip your liver into the hot butter and, as it cooks, quickly baste it all over with the melted butter. Fry for just a minute or two on each side so the middle is warmed through and gently pink but not bloody. For an old-fashioned treat serve with soft, sweet fried onions, a rasher or two of salty smoked bacon and some smooth, buttery mashed potatoes.

For a simple but sophisticated lunch of devilled lamb's liver, fry quickly with sherry, mustard, paprika and crème fraîche. Serve on top of some griddled sourdough alongside a crisp green salad of watercress.

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