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Whole Chicken

We recommend 2-3 portions per kg.

As all our free range poultry is naturally reared, weights are not absolutely precise.

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One of our favourite things to eat! A whole roast chicken is such a family staple, with everyone enjoying their own particular favourite bit. Some opting for the lean and juicy white meat, with others loving to devour the more rich and fatty brown meat. We have taken the time to develop our own breeding flock of hens and cockerels with just the right slow growing characteristic that has resulted in a very old fashioned and full flavoured bird. This mean, we have done the hard work, so cooking simply at home is all our award winning properly free-range birds need to create a stunning meal.

Chickens are very special to us at Pipers Farm as they are the reason Peter and Henri Greig founded the company all those years ago. It all began with a lot of chicken and two hungry children, growing chickens for a well-known supermarket. They soon saw a side to farming that was an uncomfortable change to them, being requested to grow them in semi-dark sheds, in group numbers in the thousands, feeding growth promoters and antibiotic medicines just to keep them alive to cope with the conditions. For them, this was not farming. Their unwillingness to feed these chickens to their two young boys sparked their drive to start farming the natural way, and so, Pipers Farm was born.

Pipers Farm grows all of its animals, including its properly free range chickens in harmony with nature. Our chicks are hatched on the farm before being brooded in a warm barn using an environmentally friendly biomass boiler to keep them toasty. Once these little youngsters have built up enough feather they are let out to explore the outside words, freely. Our chickens have a lifespan almost three times of chickens sold in supermarkets. When ready, our birds are slaughtered in the most humane way possible - by hand, one by one, on the same farm they were born - giving them the best level of welfare we can possibly provide them.

How to cook a whole chicken

To cook, we recommend roasting at 180°C for 1.5 hours. Resting your cooked bird is the key to a retaining moist and succulent meat so we like to wrap ours in a double layer of tin foil and resting for at least 15 minutes before carving, giving you just the right amount of time to reduce the juices from the roasting pan, adding a good glass of white wine and seasoning to make the best jus.

Everyone has their own recipe for the perfect roast chicken but have you tried roasting it over a fire as an alternative...?

Check some of our other favourite recipes for more inspiration: roast chicken with port and prune stuffing, apricot & pistachio stuffed chicken and Morrocan spiced chicken with preserved lemon.

Chicken is, of course, a choice ingredient to make an easy casserole to feed the whole family, like the French classic Coq Au Vin.

You can also use any leftovers to make the rustic chicken, orzo & bean soup.

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Free Range Chicken

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