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Leg of Pork

We recommend 4-5 portions per kg.

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A classic, traditional roasting joint, Pipers Farm leg of pork marries fantastic flavour and stunning texture with ultimate convenience. The meat to fat ratio is perfectly balanced to give you a juicy, succulent joint packed with sweetness and real depth of flavour. To make cooking and carving super simple, our team of skilled butchers meticulously bone and trim our pork legs, leaving a perfect joint with skin and fat attached. The skin is scored to ensure it crisps up into perfect puffy crackling in the oven.

All of Pipers Farm pork comes from Saddleback or Welsh cross pigs. These native breeds thrive in our climate and grow slowly on a diet of natural grains, roots and pasture. They lead active, sociable, outdoor lives with the ability to follow all of their natural instincts. This gives us free range pork meat that has a robust flavour and tender texture, with just the right amount of bite. We also hang all of our pig carcasses for three weeks. This is vital to the quality of the meat we produce - it means you get a joint that's relaxed and tender, excess moisture has been drawn out (so you won't see shrinkage on cooking) and the flavour has had a chance to intensify.

How to cook a leg of pork to perfection

Give the joint a 15-minute blast in the oven at 240ºC before turning down the oven to 180ºC and roasting for 30 minutes per kilo. For juicy, tender meat that's cooked to succulent pinkness make sure you give your joint a 20-minute rest after cooking and aim for an internal temperature of 60ºC to 65ºC. For a classic Sunday roast, serve with crisp seasonal veg and a dollop of sharp apple sauce. For a fragrant twist, rub the skin with crushed fennel seeds, roast as normal and serve with celeriac and apple puree, roasted beetroot and a generous splash of cider gravy.

Check our gorgeous Scandi Leg Of Pork for more inspiration.

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