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Belly Pork

We recommend 2-3 portions per 500g.

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A sublime eating sensation, try our Belly Pork for yourself!

We have picked up countless awards for our Saddleback Pork Belly, including - Great Taste Top 50 Foods in Britain; Guild of Fine Food Best Speciality Food from the South West; Great Taste Golden Fork and 3 Star Great Taste Gold. These are some of the Judges' comments:

"As soon as we saw this pork our mouths were watering, it's outstanding in every way! Perfect crackling, melt-in-the-mouth gorgeousness."

"Great sweetness to the meat. The crackling is ridiculously good."

Serving belly pork as a roasting joint is having something of a renaissance, and deservedly so. Most commonly seen as thin-sliced streaky bacon, the belly of the pork carcase boasts a triple whammy of flavour. The succulent, full-flavoured meat is infused with salty-sweetness by the layers of melting fat and both are topped off by a top-crust of unbeatable crackling. This might look like a fatty cut, but don't be put off, when slow-roasted the flavours melt together for easy eating tenderness without a hint of chew.

At Pipers Farm we know that animals that live a healthy, natural lifestyle make better eating and are better for us. Which is why we're committed to the highest standards of husbandry and welfare for our pigs to produce free range pork that is as tasty and wholesome as can be.

On industrial farms, pigs have drawn a very short straw. When intensively reared to grow quickly they can't act on their natural instincts and high-occupancy units result in aggression and stress. All of Pipers Farm pigs are born out of doors and live outside for as much of their lives as possible. Inquisitive, intelligent, sociable and boisterous, our pigs live in family groups and have active lifestyles - rootling, wallowing and playing as their instincts tell them. Because they live outside so much, they have far thicker skin than pigs that have lived their whole lives inside. It's that thick skin that makes their crackling so exceptional.

How to cook belly pork

If you want to simply roast your belly pork, dry it thoroughly with kitchen paper before rubbing a smidgeon of oil into the skin and sprinkling over some coarse salt. Place in an oven preheated to 240ºC for 15 minutes - this will give the crackling a good blast and start rendering down the fat. After 15 minutes, turn the oven down to 160ºC and roast for a good 3 hours. Delicious served with creamy dauphinoise potatoes, roasted fennel and carrots and a crisp white Burgundy.

Check this other, super-scrumptious Herb-Infused Belly Wood Oven Pork recipe from our blog.

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