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Pork Tenderloin

Each tenderloin serves two. Sizes do vary.

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Also known as fillet of pork, the tenderloin is cut from the middle of the pig. It's not an especially hardworking muscle and as such is characterised by a buttery soft texture, pale colour and fine grain. This means it's considered one of noblest pork cuts - really easy to cook but so impressive because it delivers such delicate, distinctive flavour. Meticulously prepared and trimmed in our own butchery, this is a great cut if you want all of the flavour and none of the fat.

At Pipers Farm all of our pork comes from traditional Wessex Saddleback pigs or Saddleback-Welsh crosses. These are hardy, native animals who thrive on fresh Devon pasture, brassica tops, beets and locally grown cereals. They're exceptionally good at growing at a relaxed rate. Unlike their industrially farmed cousins, we don't fill them up with growth promoters and artificial nasties, we let them take their time. And we think you'll notice that when you taste our free range pork: it's distinctively flavoured, well coloured and superbly tender. Our practice of hanging our pork carcasses in a temperature-controlled environment means the meat is at its mature best when it reaches you. It's pork that tastes exactly as pork should.

How to cook pork tenderloin

You might be surprised by how quick and easy it is! Its delicate flavour is best enjoyed with laid-back accompaniments that won't overwhelm it. Cook it pink and juicy to enjoy it at its best. Here's a suggestion...

Heat a splash of flavourless oil in an oven-friendly frying pan. Once sizzling hot, sear your tenderloin on all sides until the outside is just beginning to colour - just a few minutes will do. Pop the pan into a preheated medium-hot oven and roast for a further 10 minutes. When you think it's done, press it gently between thumb and forefinger. You should feel the same degree of resistance you would if you pressed your thumb into your relaxed palm - yielding without being too soft. Serve with mashed celeriac, seasonal greens, tart baked apple and a creamy cider sauce.

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