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Diced Pork

Packed in 250g packs. 
We recommend 1-2 portions per 250g.

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Cut from the shoulder of the pork carcass, Pipers Farm diced free range pork offers maximum flavour with minimum fuss. Our team of dedicated butchers meticulously trim the meat, meaning it's as lean as possible, then cut it into good-sized chunks. When slow cooked it's as tender as can be, robustly flavoured with the fantastic open-grained texture you'd expect from pork shoulder. Available in convenient 250g packs, our diced pork is a versatile staple to keep in the freezer.

Pigs are well known as sociable and intelligent animals, so at Pipers Farm it's important to us that our pig herds have a lifestyle that's as natural as possible. That means they live in small family units and are able to follow all of their natural instincts: rooting in earth or straw, wallowing in mud and playing in groups. We keep our pigs out of doors for as long as the weather permits, meaning they're active and hardy - attributes that result in robustly flavoured meat and superb skin for crackling. When our sows give birth they're given plenty of space to indulge in their natural nesting instinct and to bond with their piglets. For well balanced flavoursome meat and sweet-as-can-be fat we only breed traditional Saddleback or Saddleback- Welsh cross pigs. We believe they give the best, most consistent results as well as being well adapted to life in our part of the world.

How to cook diced pork

The substantial flavour and texture of Pipers Farm diced pork make it a versatile ingredient, perfect in anything from traditional casseroles to spicy curries. Best results will come from slow cooking - 40 minutes at the very least - in the oven or on the hob. Try a traditional casserole that combines the pork with stock, cider, grainy mustard and creme fraiche or spice things up in a coconut and ginger scented creamy Thai curry.

Follow our blog for easy-to-cook and knockout recipes that incorporate diced pork like Saddleback Pork & Apple Casserole or the Warming Winter Pork Casserole.

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