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Belly Pork Slices

Each slice is approximately 125g.
We recommend 1-2 slices per portion.

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Indulgent, moreish and versatile - Pipers Farm free range belly pork slices are addictively tasty. Expertly prepared by our crack team of butchers, the belly from our award-winning Saddleback pigs is neatly trimmed then cut into boneless, ready-to-cook slices. Each thick slice contains layers of rich, full-bodied meat and succulent fat that melt together when cooked. On top is a crisp-as-can-be layer of crackling - everyone's favourite bit. Conveniently packaged in pairs, these are no fuss to prepare and convenient to cook.

At Pipers Farm we want our pork to have great depth of flavour, rich colour, fantastic texture and just the right amount of tasty fat. That's why we've chosen to grow only Wessex Saddleback and Saddleback-Welsh cross pigs. These are animals well-accustomed to the climate and landscape of the west country and their diet of pasture, local grains, foraged roots and maybe the odd apple or two really influences the way their meat tastes. Bland it is not. Pigs are famously intelligent and sociable so our herds run in family groups with plenty of space to act like pigs should - rootling for buried treats and wallowing in mud baths. Our piglets stay with the sows for 8 weeks, ensuring they're strong and hearty on mother's milk.

How to cook belly pork slices

There are so many ways to produce simple but tasty dishes that incorporate belly pork slices...

On method is to slow cook them in a medium oven atop a heap of potatoes to let the fat render out as the meat cooks and the crackling crisps - a sure-fire way of getting the perfect roast potato.

The sweet and fatty belly also beautifully partners with strong, punchy flavours so it's an excellent coupling with spicy chinese sauces or sweet/sour fruit reductions. Marinated in sticky hoisin sauce then gently roasted, belly pork works perfectly with soft steamed buns. Or marinate them in

Alternatively, marinate them in barbecue sauce overnight before infusing them with smoky flavour over white-hot charcoal for an al fresco treat.

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