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Pork Escalopes

Each escalope weighs approximately 85g. We recommend 1-2 per portion.

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Lean, thin slices of totally free range pork cut from the leg that pan fry in minutes. Although cut thinly, Pipers Farm pork escalopes are full of flavour, releasing a sweet nutty taste with each bite. The perfect choice for those who love pork steaks but are looking for a leaner and healthier alternative.

We rear an old-fashioned breed of pig, being a Wessex Saddleback sow; one native to the Westcountry, crossed with a Welsh Boar. This cross is perfect for farming the natural way, being slow growing and the sows making terrific mothers. The mothers farrow naturally, outside, and other than a watchful eye, are left to give birth and nurture their piglets for a minimum of eight weeks. This time on their mothers enables them to develop a natural immunity at an early stage. In the winter our Saddlebacks are brought inside in small family groups, where they nestle in deep beds of straw. In the summer, they graze lush grass pastures beneath cider apple trees, where they gobble up the windfalls and search the hedgerows for fallen acorns. Pigs cannot survive on purely grass and forage apples so they are grown on a mixture of natural cereals, harvested just down the road from Pipers Farm HQ.

We believe that hanging our pork sets it apart. Hung on the bone for 3 weeks, the flavour is beautifully deep with a touch of sweetness. Hanging the carcass for 3 weeks enables any excess moisture from the skin dissipates, leaving you with skin that makes the crunchiest of crackling.

How to cook pork escalopes

Pipers Farm pork escalopes are all about convenience, we love to give them a light coating of breadcrumbs and a quick shallow fry with a little oil, for the ultimate comfort food that the kids will love.

You may also want to try our own twist on the scrumptious Austrian classic, Saddleback Schnitzel with Sage Butter.  

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