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Pork Steaks

Each steak is approximately 125g.

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Combining the brilliant depth of flavour that you find in our shoulder of pork with the simplicity of only needing a quick pan fry. It is the ultimate convenient cut, that can replace any beef steak or chicken breast for those who just love Saddleback pork. Our butchers cut these steaks nice and thick, from the shoulder muscle, meaning they have great flavour and character, being able to be left slightly pink in the middle depending on how you like it. All our pigs are Saddleback crossed with a Welsh boar, distinctive from all other breeds due to their well known black ‘saddle’ across their back and wrapping around their belly.

Good husbandry and slow growth are what makes these steaks unbelievably tasty. Our pigs are properly free range, spending their lives roaming apple orchards searching for windfalls and foraging for acorns, building up proper shoulder and leg muscles. Being cut from the shoulder muscle, one that has done a little bit of work in its lifetime, these steaks have a little bit of bite, but each should release an intense flavour. All of our pigs are slaughtered at a local, small family run abattoir and then hung on the bone for 3 weeks. This deepens the stunning sweet flavour and develops the awesome crunchy crackling for which our pork is so famous.

How to cook pork shoulder steaks

Pipers Farm pork steaks are perfect pan fried, griddled, or barbecued. Marinade in slices of fresh ginger and a good squeeze of lime juice for something a little different. Or, our personal favourite – blitz brown bread crumbs, garlic cloves, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, fresh mint, a little lemon and a drizzle of honey, and give them a beautiful herb crust before popping them on the griddle.

Follow our blog for easy-to-cook and knockout recipes that incorporate diced pork like the wonderful Herby Saddleback Pork Steaks or this little gem from food writer Charlotte Pike, Pork Casserole with Caraway Dumplings.

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