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All Meat Boxes
Stock up on all your favourite cuts of our award-winning grass-fed meat at a discounted price. Our range of Meat Boxes are perfect for feeding hungry families, from speedy suppers to lazy brunches, you will find everything you need to keep the family fed with wholesome he...
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All Grass Fed Beef
All our award-winning, grass-fed beef is Red Ruby, a slow-growing breed native to Exmoor. Our Red Ruby cattle are 100% grass-fed for their entire lives and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around 31-36 months old. Slow growing native breeds and farming ...
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Free Range Chicken
 Our Properly Free Range Pastured Chicken is one of the reasons Peter and Henri founded Pipers Farm over 30 years ago. Determined to produce healthy, wholesome food that they could feed their family with confidence. They began by rearing better chicken.  A Pipers Far...
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All Grass Fed Lamb
All our Suffolk lamb is 100% grass-fed for their entire lives. Grown slowly to around 8-15 months, our lamb and hogget are grown until they reach maturity naturally. We hang all of our lamb on the bone for three weeks to develop the full, rich, sweet flavour we are known ...
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All Saddleback Pork
Our Saddleback pigs are properly farrow and live outside for their entire lives. They lead an active, outdoor life, spending their time happily grazing, foraging, rooting and wallowing just like pigs should. This means their meat has a distinctive, rich flavour and a fant...
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Free Range Duck
Our Properly Free Range pastured ducks are a heritage breed designed to grow slowly. We rear our ducks in small groups with complete freedom to roam outside with plenty of space to forage amongst our Devon pasture, displaying their natural instincts. At night our raf...
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Grass Fed Mutton
For many hundreds of years, mutton was the main form of sheep meat eaten in the United Kingdom. Yet over the past 40 years it has virtually disappeared from our kitchens - and we were in real danger of losing one of our iconic foods. Forgotten no longer, our grass fed mut...
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All Parkland Venison
Our herd of fallow and red deer are raised in the stunning grounds of one of Devon's most picturesque estates. Our venison is simply sensational to eat because we allow our deer to grow slowly so they reach maturity. Their diet consists of ancient parkland grass, mas...
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All Free Range Bronze Turkey
Our traditional Bronze Turkeys live a properly free-range life, living significantly longer than most other free-range and organic birds, they hatch in late spring and spend their first three weeks snuggled under a brooder to let them grow the feathers that will protect ...
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Handmade Pies
There are few greater joys in life than a properly made pie. Crispy buttery pastry with moreish meaty ingredients encased within. Now you can have the most delicious pies delivered to your door! Our rustic pies are all handmade in small batches, using only the most delici...
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Artisan Bread
We have selected a range of the finest artisan bread. Made with a 65 year old starter, a super slow fermentation process and locally milled heritage grains, our range of organic and artisan bread is not only utterly delicious, but it's kind to your gut too. Choose from a ...
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Artisan Dairy
We have sourced a range of the most incredible dairy products from some of the best farms in the country. We believe all dairy farming should work with the environment and not against it, producing milk as naturally as possible, and upholding the highest ethical standar...
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Artisan Cheese
Specially sourced from small-scale artisan producers, who create the most delicious food for your table to enjoy. Choose from a range of award-winning artisan cheeses.
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Organic Bone Broth
At Pipers Farm we passionately believe in enjoying food that is totally natural, wholesome and good for you. Our range of pure stocks and Organic bone broths are packed full of good natural vitamins and minerals that give your body a boost.  Our range of pure grass-fed s...
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Pure Fats
We are delighted that delicious foods such as lard and dripping are making their way back into people homes and replacing many artificial substitutes. Fat typically provides the body with more than half of its energy needs and those not needed right away are stored, so th...
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Sauces, Preserves & Spices
Putting the finishing touches to a dish can often turn it from the ordinary to extraordinary. We have selected a delicious range of the finest accompaniments to bring out the wonderful flavours of our meat. From small batch, marmalades, chutneys and jams that give sweetne...
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Salts & Rubs
If you're going to cook the finest meat, you must make sure you have the finest seasoning. Our range of rubs and salts will add enhance the depth of flavour of our food, without masking it. Take your cooking to the next level with our range of artisan salts, rubs and spic...
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Oils & Vinegars
Shop our range of the finest oils and vinegars, all made with the best all natural ingredients. From ancient cider apples, slowly fermented for three years to create the most delicious vinegar to hand harvested, gently crushed olives turned into the finest olive oil. We'v...
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Natural Home
Reducing our impact on the environment and harnessing the power of nature are fundamental principals in the way we farm. This ethos also spreads into our home, where we aim to reduce waste and be kinder to our environment. We have selected a range of products that do just...
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Raw Pet Food
Here at Pipers Farm, we are all dog obsessives. We're never too far away from our four-legged best friends, from our gorgeous working sheepdog Fly, to resident office dog and Farm Manager, Minnie. We understand why your beloved dog's diet is so important, so we have sourc...
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Gift Boxes
Treat your someone special to a unique gift from Pipers Farm. We have selected a range of delicious goodies, perfect for spoiling your special someone. Our tasty range of gifts make thoughtful presents for the foodie in your life. All our gift boxes are delivered in 100% ...
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Shop the Cellar

Artisan Liqueurs
Perfect for after dinner quaffing, or to be carried in a hip flask on a brisk winters walk. We have created a collection of the most delicious artisan liqueurs, produced totally naturally using only the finest locally grown ingredients.
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English Wine
Quite rightly English wine is having a real moment with many wines picking up some serious awards, holding their own against the rest of the winemaking world. We have selected some incredible English wines, all produced just a few miles from Pipers Farm.
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Rest of world wine
Over the last year we have quaffed, swigged and sipped the finest tipple in the land with one mission in mind; to bring you a selection of the best artisan drinks in the country. It's been a tough job but someone's got to do it...We have put together a selection of wines ...
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Artisan Cider & Perry
Our farm is surrounded by hundreds of traditional, ancient cider orchards providing abundant, sustainable apple harvest for pressing. We have chosen a range of really interesting ciders, all produced totally naturally, while nourishing and restoring traditional apple vari...
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