Parkland Venison

We usually have Parkland Venison available from the middle of September through to early January.


Pipers Farm venison comes from the long-established herds of fallow and red deer, bred and reared amongst ancient parkland just four miles from Pipers Farm. The herd is made up of approximately 300 fallow and red deer, though the herd fluctuates in size over the year with the culled deer (taking place in the winter) being replaced with the new births in the summer.

Parkland Venison

Slow Grown

Slow-grown to natural maturity on parkland pastures, the deer graze under the dappled shade of the ancient trees, surrounded by the deep lakes, grassy plains and rolling hills.

Parkland Venison

Grass Fed

Our deer eat mother's milk herb rich grasses and forage for their entire lives. In the autumn eat a lot of natural mast from the trees in the park, such as acorns and sweet chestnuts; in winter they are supplementary fed with organic silage and fodder beet grown on the farm.

Parkland Venison

Properly Wild

Parkland deer are deemed by DEFRA as being “wild” as well as, of course, being game, which is an important designation to have and retain. All wild deer are legally allowed to be shot and eviscerated in situ for obvious reasons, as opposed to farmed deer, which as game are allowed to be shot on farm, but then have to be transported to a registered slaughterhouse for evisceration within a certain time frame after death. 

Parkland Venison

Traditionally hung

Once the deer have reached natural maturity our they are shot in the park, for minimal stress. We hang the venison as a whole carcass on the bone for 12 days to develop a wonderful depth of flavour.

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