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Pipers Points

It's time to share the love

Your love for Pipers Farm will officially pay off.
We are so excited to introduce you to Pipers Points, which gives you access to a whole host of exciting benefits.

Ways you can earn Pipers Points

All you need to do to start earning points is, log into your Pipers Farm account and start shopping. For every £1 you spend you'll get 2 points. There's also a load of other fun ways you can earn points...

Collect 5 points per £1

We'll automatically update your Pipers Points every time you make a purchase

Refer a friend

Receive 1000 Pipers Points and we'll give your friend £10 off their first order

Share on social media

Receive 50 Pipers Points for following us on Instagram & 50 Pipers Points for sharing us on Facebook

Celebrate your birthday

Receive 100 points to
celebrate your birthday!

Ways you can spend Pipers Points

Once you've reached a Pipers Points milestone, we will provide you with a unique discount code to spend on our store.

£5 off if you have 500 points

£10 off if you have 1000 points

£15 off if you have 1500 points

£20 off if you have 2000 points

Ready to earn Pipers Points?

It is really easy and free to join and we are sure you will very much enjoy it!