So many people who have tried our sausages say they are so different to any sausage they have ever tasted, and we like to think it is because we have completely stripped back how they are made so the end result is a super traditional and delicious sausage - and they're gluten-free. There are no added nasty bits like rusk and gristle, just sumptuous leg and shoulder meat from our happy, free-range Saddleback pigs, melt-in-the-mouth pork fat, a few oats (not wheat!), salt and pepper.

We spent a lot of time developing meticulous recipes to get the perfect balance of meat and seasoning and ensure that every time you eat them they have the exact same delicious flavour.

We use real animal skins for our sausage casing, not artificial ones. We using lamb skins for our breakfast and pork and apple sausages, and hog skins for our larger sausages.

There are no preservatives used in any Pipers Farm product, therefore in terms of making sausages, we only ever use fresh pork meat. We then hang the sausages for a couple of days so they last as long as possible in your fridge at home.

Each and every sausage is actually hand made on the farm. Garry, one of our brilliant butchers, makes them first thing most mornings. Each and every sausage passes through his hands and his skill and craftsmanship in making the mix, and stuffing and tying the casing are fantastic. Being so well practiced I’m sure Garry could make them with his eyes shut! He really puts much passion and attention to detail put into their creation.