Check our handy guide to cook the perfect steak - you wouldn't want to waste any of this delicious Red Ruby beef, now, would you?

Here's how to cook the perfect steak...

1. Bring your steak to room temperature, let it sit on a board and ‘breathe’ for a while. Treat it like a good bottle of Red Wine.

2. Brush your steak with a little oil. We like using Rapeseed oil or Olive oil for their health benefits and flavour.

3. Season your steak with salt and black pepper. We recommend Cornish Sea Salt for its beautiful flakiness and flavour. If you fancy a little twist on tradition, why not try one of our tubs of flavoured Cornish Sea Salt available online and in our shops.

4. Pop a heavy bottomed pan over a medium-high heat. Let the pan get smoking hot. Be patient!

5. Once the pan is hot, place your steak in the centre. Cook on each side for 2 minutes (medium-rare), your steak should be sealed and look lovely and brown in colour.

6. The best way to check your steak is cooked to perfection is the ‘thumb test’. Simply press the fleshy bit of your thumb in the palm of your hand and then press the steak, they should feel about the same. This is a great indication that your steak is medium-rare.

7. Remove your steak from the pan and leave to rest for 3-5 minutes before serving.

8. To make an extra special meal, make a stunning jus.

9. Take the same pan you cooked your steak in, turn down the heat a touch and add a little butter approx. 25g. To this add a drop of Red Wine or Port and use the liquid to pull together all of the delicious meaty juices from the pan. Add in a generous spoon of Spiced Orchard Fruit Chutney (or a fruit paste) and stir until it forms a glossy sauce. Tear off a few fresh thyme leaves and add to your sauce.

10. Pour over your rested steak and enjoy a delicious carnivorous feast.