For some time know I have been thinking about the concept of ‘slow living’. It’s what us folks at Pipers Farm talk about on a daily basis. You see, we are all about living ‘the good life’.

If you have checked out our Instagram feed recently, you will see that the slow food movement has become somewhat of an obsession, something that has drastically altered the culture of our team here; for the better, and something we believe should be wholeheartedly embraced by all!

What is the Slow Food Movement?

The Slow Food Movement started in Northern Italy, when its founder, Carlo Petrini, found that Italian people were losing their regional cuisines and falling for the fast food culture. The movement now promotes local food traditions in over 150 countries.

The benefits of ‘slow food’

With slow food comes a lessening of ‘food angst’. What I mean by that is the guilt that swallows you up when you indulge in something deliciously decadent, such as a creamy sauce, a chunk of fatty pork belly, or any other naughty (but nice!) choice for supper. Let's all get a little less uptight about our food and really look at its roots and how to enjoy it. It might be the food itself; sourcing locally, knowing how your meat, veg, fish, has been grown or growing your food yourself will certainly make you feel great when it comes to eating your meal.

It can also be how or where you cook it. At Pipers Farm it is well known that we love cooking over open fire. Yes, the taste is amazing, but more than that it's fun, you cook outside, and it builds a closer connection between yourself and your food; heightening the pleasure you get from it when you tuck in! They’re meals that are no fuss, not a lot of finesse, but they taste amazing and its ‘real food’ and ‘real cooking’!

Embrace ‘slow food’ to enjoy the ‘good life’

There are endless things you can do to simplify your life yet increase its enjoyment. Try ditching the technology for a day, you’ll be surprised at the extra things you will see, hear, and experience just because you are free from a screen! But foremost let's start embracing slow food...

The modern world has given us so many tools that enable us to rush through our day to day lives that sometimes we forget to just slow down a little, enjoy our experiences, and be mindful of what we do.
It was a Michael Pollan documentary that really hit home with me when he explained that, as a collective, people are spending more and more time watching cookery programs, yet less and less time actually in their kitchens cooking. The convenience of ready meals and the pressures on people to cram as many tasks into a single day as possible has altered the way we think about meal times. With many of us feeling the pressure of balancing work and a busy social life, raising a family and creating the perfect home, our lives have become overly hectic and emotionally out of kilter. Each ‘fast’ aspect of our life is, in our mind, needing to be done fast in order to fit even more in. Leaving no time to step back and really connect with life and absorb and enjoy what is going on around us.

If you're thinking “slow living - I don't have time for that”, chances are you might be the person who'd really benefit from it. Even if you begin by embracing it in a small way. Meal times are a perfect example. In France, meals times can last for hours, enjoying many courses, and emphasising the values of sharing mealtimes with friends and family, and savouring taste. If you approach your meals times in this way, with a mindset of enjoying your experience as much as possible, the likelihood is it will improve your quality of life. After all, when we take the time to eat in good company, we focus on our food, we enjoy it more, and we are less tempted to just binge or snack to compensate a real meal.

We think it’s about time to bring back a little tradition to our own eating culture, don't you?