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We are proud to team up with our friends at Rocket Garden to give you the chance to win all of the vegetables you need to plant now, to enjoy the ultimate Christmas dinner with all the trimmings - and it wouldn't be Christmas without a Turkey, so we’re adding one of our famous Simplest Turkeys for 8 to this brilliant prize worth over £90!

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Be quick, though, the competition runs only until 23:59 Monday 10 July 2017.

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Win a taste of the good life

The ‘good life’ is a dreamy idea many of us aspire to. At Pipers Farm it gives us great pleasure to give you a taste of rural bliss with a little help from our friends at Rocket Gardens.

Almost 30 years ago, Peter and Henri Greig began a journey with a simple idea that food should nourish the soul and be good to the environment. 

“When we started Pipers Farm we had a very clear vision that we wanted to give people pleasure from the food that they ate. Our food system had been hijacked by big industrial farms, whose focus was on cheap volume, not quality and eating pleasure.

Not only did those large scale factory farms simply not produce food that excited us, but they were producing food that we felt very uncomfortable with. We knew that to truly nourish the soul and give pleasure, our food needed to be grown in a way that allowed nature to flourish.” - Peter Greig, founder of Pipers Farm.

30 years on we remain committed to growing meat in the way we set out - The natural way, in harmony with nature. 

Today we have seen a growing number of people come to us who want to reconnect with their food and the land that it has come from. It excites us to see so many enterprising businesses following the same path, to encourage you to learn about the way food has been produced or to give a go at ‘growing your own’. We are delighted to team up with such an exciting company. 

Who are Rocket Gardens?

Rocket Gardens have created an innovative way to encourage wannabe growers to turn their hand to a spot of ‘growing your own’, no matter how big or small your plot. With the sole purpose of giving you a real taste of ‘the good life’ by helping novices through, to the more green-fingered amongst us, to plant and harvest your own food.

“It dawned on me that the healthiest way to feed a growing family was to grow as much as possible organically from my own garden. So I got to it and started digging and growing some seeds. It was brilliant – everything tastes so much better when you grow it yourself. The only trouble was it took up so much time and I always had a glut of one particular type of plant. I thought to myself there’s got to be an easier way than this. Then suddenly the light bulb moment happened and the Rocket Gardens journey began.” - Mike Kitchen, founder of Rocket Gardens.

From the comfort of your own home, you can create your perfect garden, with a few clicks and a knock on the door from the delivery man, your dream garden arrives ready for you to plant out. As simple as that!

“Henri and I get so excited by the idea of encouraging families to eat better quality, sustainable food. Like Pipers Farm, Rocket Gardens gives you the tools to feed your family and reconnect with nature - and that’s something we think is pretty special.” - Peter Greig.

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