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Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack
Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack
Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack
Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack
Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack

Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Pack

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Our Beeswax Wraps Kitchen Packs include: 1 Large wrap, 1 Medium wrap, 1 Small wrap

Why use Beeswax Wraps?

100% natural - Compared to cling film, our Beeswax Wraps are all natural so no nasties will leach into your food whilst its being stored.

Keeps your food super fresh - The combination of natural ingredients with the organic cotton fabric allows our wraps to breathe, making sure your food stays fresher for longer.

Reusable - Rather than using cling film or foil that you throw away after one use, our reusable food wraps can simply be washed in cold water with a little bit of soap and they are ready to roll again. 

Biodegradable - Once you have used your wrap to the max you can pop it on your compost!


Our Beeswax Wraps are made by hand in the South West using organic GOTS certified cotton (in super funky patterns), Pine Resin, organic Jojoba Oil and UK Beeswax.

Small: Medium Kitchen Pack approx 16cm x 16cm and Emma Bridgewater Bees & Buttercuper Print approx 20cm x  20cm - Preserve unused vegetable halves and seal jars

Medium: approx 30cm x 30cm - Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, cheese and covering bowls

Large: approx 40cm x 40cm - Great for covering casserole dishes, wrapping small loaves and keeping herbs really fresh

Patterns may vary. 

Caring for your Beeswax Wraps 

Wash with soap in cold water and hang to dry 

Do not use to wrap super hot food, make sure all food is cold before you use the wraps. 

Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave or oven. 

Please note these wraps are flammable so keep away from naked flames. 



We farm in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming techniques to nurture our countryside. By supporting us you are helping us to sustain 25 small-scale farming families.

Our Mission

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We offer speedy next day delivery in our 100% recyclable packaging. There is a minimum order value of £30 for all orders. We deliver to the whole of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands.

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Unrivalled Quality

We have received the countries highest accolades including; BBC 4 Food & Farming Best Producer, The Telegraph's Best Butcher, The Independent's Best Meat Box, Great Taste Top 50 Best Food Products.



Over at the Beeswax Wrap Co., their mission is very simple. They are trying to make a small but positive difference in a kind and thoughtful way. Since 2017, they have been changing the landscape of living plastic free through their unique and earth-loving wraps. 

With good care, Beeswax wraps can last a year or longer with good care and are biodegradable and compostable, or used as fire starters for any campfire, BBQ or fireplace.

In using Beeswax wraps, not only are you saving plastic but you can cut down on food waste too. Loaves of bread is kept crunchy, cheese is kept fresh and salad leaves and veg last a lot longer. 

If you're looking to cut down on your plastic use than Beeswax wraps are the perfect companion to any kitchen.