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Foragers Knife
Foragers Knife

Foragers Knife

Available for delivery from the 20th of November 2020



In 1890, Joseph Opinel designed his first pocket knife in the French Alps. He created a tool that was as robust and functional as it was simple and beautiful. Today, the same pocket knife is an iconic design object: instantly recognisable, imminently useful, and beloved by generations. 

  • Stainless steel pocket knife with beechwood handle
  • Anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome
  • Its carbon content of at least 0.40% gives an excellent cutting edge
  • Beechwood handle makes it feel secure and comfortable in the hand
  • Requires no special maintenance
  • Made in France

The perfect accompaniment to all of your foraging needs. 

Store in a cool, dry place. 

Not suitable for children, keep tucked away from small hands! 


We farm in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming techniques to nurture our countryside. By supporting us you are helping us to sustain 25 small-scale farming families.

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Speedy Delivery

We offer speedy next day delivery in our 100% recyclable packaging. There is a minimum order value of £30 for all orders. We deliver to the whole of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands.

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Unrivalled Quality

We have received the countries highest accolades including; BBC 4 Food & Farming Best Producer, The Telegraph's Best Butcher, The Independent's Best Meat Box, Great Taste Top 50 Best Food Products.



Nestled in the heart of the French Mountains there used to lie the sleepy hamlet of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne where 220 years ago, father and son blacksmiths, Victor-Amédée and Daniel Opinel were, unbeknownst to them, beginning the legacy of Opinel Knives. 

Fast forward 100 years later, when the industry was booming with machinery and manufacturing processes as far as the eye could see. Daniel’s eldest son, Joseph, had a passion for these machine-led practices  - much to the chagrin of his father - and wanted to combine his family history with blacksmithing as well as his passion for innovative technologies. Joseph spent his free time refining the shape of a small pocket knife, delicate and well-made but using machines that could speed the process up exponentially. He succeeded, and so the legendary Opinel knife was born.

The Opinel knife is a popular everyday item whose aesthetics and functionality have won over generations of users. It has remained unchanged for over a century, with a design that is one of the most successful of all time as well as reliability and company values to boot. They may be 130 years old, but they’re still as sharp and adaptable as ever as the premier knives of France.