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Our Properly Free Range Geese make fine festive fare. Read more

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Our properly Free Range Geese make fine festive fare. You cannot get much more traditional than a plump goose and the most wonderful crispy roast potatoes.

Our Geese are dry plucked by hand and then hung in time-honoured fashion for 12 days to develop a wonderful depth of flavour. Our Geese have a rich, lingering flavour, which makes for a proper festive feast. 

Our free-range geese come with their giblets, so you can make delicious stocks and gravy.

Our Free Range poultry is naturally reared, so weights are not absolutely precise. We recommend 2 portions per kg.

All our Whole Geese are delivered FRESH,(unless you are one of our Highlands and Islands customers, then we will deliver your bird to you FROZEN on our two day service).

We recommend placing your order for your Christmas Goose as early as possible to avoid missing out. We only have a limited number of Geese available this Christmas. 

Whole Christmas Geese are available for delivery from 12th December 2021. You can order at any time (while stocks last) and book your delivery closer to Christmas.  

100% Free Range Goose

Remove your goose from the fridge the night before. This allows the goose to arrive at room temperature. It also gives the skin time to dry off. If you want to create crispy skin with yielding meat, it is imperative the bird is dry.

Take the goose and pierce the fattiest parts of the underside of the bird. You are aiming to pierce just the skin and fat, without puncturing the flesh. Give the parsons nose a thorough pierce, however, leave the breast intact.

Season the cavity and then fill generously, without overpacking, your choice of stuffing. Season the legs and breast with sea salt and a light twist of black pepper.

Place the bird on a rack and then place the whole thing into a roasting tin. The rack is in place to allow the fat to render in the pan, without stewing the bird. (halfway through cooking you can add roast potatoes into the fat-filled pan)

Preheat your oven to 200C. (This may vary according to your oven). 

Crisp the skin for 20 minutes and then turn down to 180C. Cook the goose for approximately 20 minutes per kilo.

You should have on hand a sheet of tinfoil, if the skin starts to brown too much, lightly cover the goose with the foil, making sure you then remove the foil for the last ten minutes of cooking, to re-crisp the skin.

The best indication that your bird is cooked is when it’s easy to shake hands with it. Grab a 
tea towel or an oven glove and gently twist the drumstick to the side. As soon as it ‘gives’ this is the best indication the bird is cooked. You can also put a skewer into the thickest part of the thigh, the juices should run just slightly pink. 

Remove from the oven and allow to rest uncovered somewhere warm for around 30 minutes.

Whilst this is happening,
 drain the fat from the potatoes (please do not throw this fat away, it is simply heaven on earth) and place them back in the oven to allow them to become wonderfully crispy. 

Be sure to save the fat from the goose, it’ll store well in the fridge and make plenty of delicious dishes for months to come.

How to Cook a Free-Range Goose

There is no better smell than the scent of its rich meat roasting in the oven. The flavour of the meat is indulgent and quite extraordinary, there really is nothing that compares. Earthy, rounded, sweet and savory all at the same time.

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