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We have lovingly handmade a small batch of the finest Haggis in the land! Using our 100% grass-fed lambs' offal and our pastured Saddleback pigs' offal, gluten-free oats and an array of beautiful herbs and spices all wrapped up together in a natural ox bung. 

Haggis is not only really delicious, but it's also really good for you as it's packed full of vitamins and nutrients. 

We have handmade just 100 haggis to be enjoyed this Winter, so grab yours before they're gone! 

As the haggis is very rich we suggest each haggis serves 3-4 portions depending on appetite. 

Each Haggis weighs approximately 800g.

A Short History of The Haggis

In 1801, on the fifth anniversary of the death of Robert Burns, his friends got together to celebrate his life. Burns immortalised haggis in his most famous poem, so it was the obvious food to serve. This celebration has continued every year on Burns’ birthday, 25 January, ever since. Events are held across the world, where people recite his poetry, sing, drink whisky and – of course – eat haggis.

The biggest myth of all, in a way, is that haggis belongs to Scotland alone. Haggis is actually a very ancient, global dish. Going back thousands of years, when hunters returned with their kill they would cook-up the parts of the animal that needed to be eaten first. The fresh offal would be chopped and mixed with cereal and herbs and cooked over the fire in the ready-made saucepan (the stomach). 

Mixed grass fed lamb and saddleback pigs offal (liver, heart, lungs), diced grass fed lamb, lamb trim, gluten free oats, pure sea salt, black pepper, coriander seeds, dried sage, ox bung (natural casing), water. 

Make sure the Haggis is fully defrosted. This will take approximately a day. 

Take a good-sized saucepan, fill with cool water and place on the hob. Wrap the haggis in foil, ensuring it is well covered and well sealed. Or if you have a sous vide bag, place the haggis inside and seal. Place the haggis in the pan and bring the water to a very gentle simmer.

Pop a lid on the pan and allow to gently simmer for approximately 2 hours. Do not allow the water to boil rapidly or you could burst the lining and flood the haggis. A gentle slow cook is what's required here for best results. 

Once cooked remove from the pan using a slotted spoon. 

Serve with classic neeps and tatties and don't forget to address your Haggis making sure you slash the beast and pour a dram of whiskey over the steaming pudding!

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