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Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal
Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal
Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal
Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal
Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal
Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal

Nature Reserve, Sustainable Charcoal



Light up your barbecue with our sustainable charcoal from Wild East Devon. Using wood from 10 different nature reserves in East Devon, this sustainable, chemical-free charcoal is just about as good as it gets. 

Made in small batches in East Devon nature reserves, ash, birch, oak and hazel hardwoods form the core of this charcoal, repurposed from a waste product of sustainably managing wild places.

These waste trees are processed through a mobile charcoal retort which creates charcoal much faster than the more commonly used ring kilns. This process is also far more efficient and sustainable.

To get the perfect results from a charcoal BBQ, make sure to light the BBQ well before you start cooking. To start the BBQ, put the charcoal into it and pile into a pyramid shape, inserting charcoal firelighters at the base of the pyramid. Light the starters and wait for about 30 minutes. In this time, the charcoal should be taking on a greyish tinge around the edges. Gently, using a barbecue tool, rake the charcoal down from the pyramid. You need to wait just a little longer until the charcoal is covered in ash/looks grey. As soon as this has happened, you can start sizzling away!

Approximately 3kg

Store in a cool, dry place. 


We farm in harmony with nature, using regenerative farming techniques to nurture our countryside. By supporting us you are helping us to sustain 25 small-scale farming families.

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We offer speedy next day delivery in our 100% recyclable packaging. There is a minimum order value of £30 for all orders. We deliver to the whole of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands.

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We have received the countries highest accolades including; BBC 4 Food & Farming Best Producer, The Telegraph's Best Butcher, The Independent's Best Meat Box, Great Taste Top 50 Best Food Products.



The hard work that Wild East Devon does has resulted in a fantastic local, chemical-free charcoal product. Through their management of ten reserves across East Devon, they have provided vital habitats for wildlife and supported habitat protection. 

Their charcoal is created through more efficient and sustainable practices. Their winter work to remove scrub from heathland, woodland thinning and wider management is able to create a great amount of wood which at one point might have been cleared away by bonfires - and theses methods are certainly far better than any overseas charcoal imports. 

Their clean and efficient way of creating charcoal means that it is the perfect addition to your BBQ  - once you have used it, you'll never want to use anything different.