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    100% BRITISH
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The Sustainable Dairy Box includes:

1 Taw River, Grass Fed Jersey Milk
1 Hollis Mead Organic, Grass Fed Kefir
1 Hollis Mead Organic, Grass Fed Yoghurt
1 Hollis Mead Organic, Grass Fed Salted Butter

Why Sustainable Dairy?

There are visionary dairy farmers here in the UK showing the world how dairy can be sustainable, regenerative and ethical - and we are really proud to be working with the very best of them.

Sam at Taw River Dairy supplies us with remarkable Jersey milk. His herd of 80 Jersey-cross cows are 100% grass fed, 100% of the year, as the breed is excellent at turning grass into milk, without any other feed required. What is particularly special about Sam’s herd, is that the calves stay with the mother's. You can read more about how Sam produces his 100% Grass Fed Jersey milk here

The team at Hollis Mead are on a mission to disrupt the dairy industry with their unapologetic mission to produce wholesome, sustainable dairy that makes a noise about nature. You can read more about Hollis Mead Organic dairy here.

Sustainable dairy farming creates truly memorable artisan products crammed full of flavour and character, with no corners cut to welfare or the environment. 

Taw River, 100% Grass Fed Milk

Our golden un-homogenised Jersey milk is thick and deliciously creamy. Trust us when we say you can truly taste the difference! Almost all of their Jersey cows produce A2 milk proteins (85% of the milk is A2 protein), which studies are now finding to be more easily digestible than standard milk, meaning even those who have been called milk/dairy intolerant can enjoy the great taste of grass fed jersey milk. It is this wonderful sustainable, natural farming that produces great tasting milk. Once you have tasted our rich tasty milk, you simply won't want anything else! Packaged in recyclable plastic bottles to allow for freezing. 

  • Cow/Calf dairy with calves staying with their mother's
  • Regenerative farmer
  • 100% Grass fed, on incredible wildlife-rich herbal pastures
  • Cows milked just once a day
  • Part of an exciting study monitoring wildlife on the farm (you can visit the projects website here)
  • Unhomogenized, whole milk from pasture fed Jersey and Jersey cross cows

Hollis Mead, Organic, 100% Grass Fed Kefir, Butter & Yoghurt

Kefir: Brimming with billions of beneficial bacteria and probiotic gut-loving goodness. This lovely bottle of magical kefir is traditionally made with Organic, Grass Fed cow's milk and kefir grains, it is then slowly fermented.

Yoghurt: A lush, smooth and deliciously creamy yoghurt made from rich Organic and 100% Grass Fed cows milk. Made by hand in small batches on the very same farm the cows call home.

Butter: Lightly salted, creamy hand-rolled and butter is a thing of pure beauty- once you have tasted butter this good, there is no going back. Slather it on some delicious sourdough or a crumpet for breakfast, or use it to whip up some super special bakes. 

  • Organic certified
  • Regenerative farmers
  • 100% Grass Fed, with winter silage cut from the farm once a year to protect ground nesting birds
  • Restored over 30 miles of hedgerows
  • Cow's milked just once per day
  • Unhomogenized, whole milk from pasture fed cows

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Deep midwinter sees frosty, biting winds sweep across the countryside. These short dark days can often feel rather bleak, especially when each farm chore feels far more difficult than on lazy, hazy, summer days. A hearty breakfast is all the more important during these challenging times.

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