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Un Jour ou Lot (46)
Un Jour ou Lot (46)
Un Jour ou Lot (46)

Un Jour ou Lot (46)



There is magic infused with this wine. The magic of a return to the countryside, a land, a vineyard and dear friends in which to delight and share. 

This stunning Malbec is decidedly unique. A robust and well-bodied red, this woody tipple transports you directly to the sun-drenched vineyards of France. On the nose there is powerful fruit undercut with wood and a slight tickle of tobacco. The finish is mellow, fruity and warming. 

Pair with any of our stunning steaks and a dollop of spicy chipotle ketchup. Goes well with mature and hard cheese. 

Nose: Woody with powerful fruit 

Palate: A tickle of tobacco with a mellow and long finish. 

ABV: 13%

For bottles with corks, be sure to store your wine horizontally in a wine rack. Keeping wine on its side helps keep the cork moist, which is key for long-term storage, as a dried out cork can cause seepage and premature aging. 

While it's not necessary to keep screw top wine bottles on their sides, horizontal storage is nevertheless an efficient way to store your wines for maximum space and easy access. 


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The oceanic, ever-changing weather of the Cahors region in South West France is designed for making incredible red vintages. The hardy soils that make up the land are made up of limestone scree from the causse and this, coupled with their hot summers and wet winters, produces the richest wines in the region. The climate bears hints of Mediterrancean influences, but the rich reddiness is unique to the Cahors region. There are many different approaches to the different varieties of Cahors wine and the little known vineyard, Un Jour Du Lot, is producing one of the most unique wines in the world in the Lot valley terrior. 

There is a formidible complextity offered by this little known vineyard. The Cahors region is unique in its blueprint - no other vineyeard in the world has this geological combination, and the wines that is produced are singularly expressive.