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Make lighting the barbecue a super simple experience with Woodsmith's Eco Firelighters. Simply light and away you go, the firelighter will burn strongly for around 10 minutes, giving you plenty of time to catch your wood or charcoal alight. 

Our Eco friendly firelighters are made from untreated wood wrapped like wool and then dipped in waste wax. 

Building a fire, filling the air with the scent of woodsmoke, and cooking something delicious to eat, not only can be so viscerally rewarding but it is the most natural way to cook. We believe barbecuing should be done in harmony with nature, connecting us to our environment. That's why we have searched high and low across the British Isles to find the most sustainable gear for your fire. We love these eco friendly firelighters, they are a key part of our barbecue kit. 

50 per box.

How to light a charcoal fire

Lighting a charcoal fire couldn't be more simple. If you have a charcoal chimney starter, all you need to do is place just one of the Eco Friendly Firelighters in the bottom and fill with charcoal then light the firelighter. The fire will take up to 10 minutes to fully set light, you should be ready to cook in about 15 minutes. 

Alternatively, pour in the charcoal and build into a pile. Place one Eco Friendly Firelighter in the centre of the pile, pushing it down a little. Light the Eco Friendly Firelighter and in 10-15 minutes your coals will fully alight. 

Once the charcoal is no longer black and has a 'grey coat' you are ready to get cooking. It's really important that you wait until the coals are properly alight before you cook. 

Fire Cooked Rump Tail with Romesco Sauce

Beef on toast? Yes that's right. But this is Pipers Farm native breed beef, slow-grown and seam butchered. That means you get the whole muscle, so the meat cooks evenly as it has had the same life, whereas industrially-produced meat gets industrially butchered as mixed muscle.

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