Beef Fillet

Each whole fillet weighs approximately 1kg. We recommend 5-6 portions per kg.

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Considered by many to be the real prize on a beef carcass, the fillet is unsurpassed in tenderness, with a buttery smooth bite and refined flavour. Expertly butchered, Pipers Farm Red Ruby beef fillet is meticulously trimmed, making it lean and no-fuss. Frankly, the muscle from which the fillet is cut hasn't done much work, and this life of leisure is reflected by the meat's super-soft texture. Delicate marbling ensures moistness when cooked. A real celebration cut that needs quick, unfussy cooking to let it sing as the unrivalled star of the show.

At Pipers Farm we chose Devon Red Ruby cattle as our beef animals for a number of reasons. With their distinctive deep red coats and gentle nature they're native to our part of the world and have inhabited the south west's pastures for centuries. This means they've had plenty of practice at converting Devon's mixed grasses and moorlands into top quality beef, and they're very good at it. Dedicated breeders have maintained the traditional features of the breed, meaning it can grow slowly, building robust bones and well-flavoured meat without needing to be fed cereals, concentrates or anything else it wouldn't naturally eat. The meat lies evenly over the carcase - this isn't a breed that's been selectively developed to be all about the hindquarters - so every cut is as good as the next, but with distinctive characterists.

How to cook forerib on the bone (côte de boeuf)

Seared on all sides, cooked in a very hot oven for 20 minutes then rested for a further 15, your beef fillet will be cooked to tender perfection. The key is to avoid being tempted to overcook it - this cut is all about tenderness and texture. The classic beef wellington - soft beef fillet wrapped in earthy mushroom pté and buttery pastry - might be fiddly but is certainly a treat. Add a glass of full-bodied red wine for perfection.

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