Properly Wild

By choosing our wild venison you are directly supporting the careful management of our countryside, improving biodiversity of farmland and woodland habitats and protecting fledgling forests for future generations to enjoy.

A cooked and sliced wild venison haunch
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Wild Venison Haunch

Outstanding texture & beautifully rich flavour

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Venison Burgers
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Wild Venison Burgers

Incredibly lean, high in protein & low in cholesterol

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Hand Prepared

Pigeon deserves a place on your menu; we are sure you will appreciate the stunning flavour of this special British bird. Our pigeons are locally shot in Devon, prepared by hand and blast frozen ready for you to enjoy.

Award winning, Grass Fed Venison Meat Box
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Venison Meat Box

["Packed full of our favourite cuts of venison"]

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wild Game

The flavour and texture of venison is wonderful - mellow and velvety, and exceptionally well suited to a sauce made with robust red wine and damson, or port & plum. It has some similarities to beef, although venison boasts a richer, earthier taste due to the deer’s wild diet of acorns and herbs.
Wild game offers a nutritional profile that sets it apart from conventional meats, thanks to the animals free-roaming lifestyle, which leads to leaner and more muscular meat. Venison is considered a very nutritious source of protein. It is tender, lean and incredibly low in fat, and its levels of saturated fat are much lower than in other sources of red meats. Venison is rich in minerals, including iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.
Technically, pigeon is white meat. Yet, it is full-flavoured with very rich, dark meat, that appears much darker in colour than other poultry.
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