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Multi Award winning

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken


Our award-winning chicken comes from genuinely properly free-range chickens. They live in small groups, roaming freely amongst the lush Devon grass. Our birds forage and are fed a simple, natural, grass and grain diet - and nothing else! We allow them to grow slowly, at their natural rate with no need for antibiotics of chemicals. We hang our chickens uneviscerated which is why our properly free range chickens have such a tender and a full, old-fashioned flavour that tastes like chicken should. We are proud that we use the whole bird in our onsite butchery, we don't like wasting anything. Choose from our fabulous selection - whole chicken, plain or stuffed with our delicious apricot and hazelnut handmade stuffing; easy to cook portions like our tasty tarragon & ginger chicken stir fry, chicken breasts, stuffed chicken thighs or 'gigots' or even our chicken giblets if you're feeling adventurous...

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