Exceptional Farming 

All of our Cull Yaw Mutton is grown by sheep farmer, Matt Chattfield. His pioneering efforts on his ancestral farm and the surrounding areas that are transforming not just our perception of mutton, but also its taste and the methods of its rearing. Find out more here. 

Cull Yaw Mutton Farmer Matt Chattfield closing a gate

Native Breeds

Most of our Cull Yaw mutton ewes are 'North of England Mule or Romney. North of England Mules are a framey, cross-bred sheep. Sired by a Bluefaced Leicester ram, the dam is a Swaledale - traditionally reared on the harsh northern fells and moors and noted for qualities of hardiness and longevity. 

Romney's originate from the Romney Marsh area of Kent and are a breed of sheep can thrive in wet and cold environments. The Romney breed stands out for its versatility, as it excels in producing both quality wool and high-grade meat, even in challenging environments.

Sustainable Mutton 

If mutton is produced using a regenerative farming system, it has the potential to be one of the most environmentally friendly meat options available. Sheep naturally graze on grass and plants, and they can thrive on less fertile land.

This means there's no need to grow resource-intensive crops, which helps reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, farmers can make use of land that wouldn't be useful otherwise. Which brings us to Matt's love of grazing woodland, or silvopasture.

 Flock of cull yaw mutton sheep running down a road

Grass Fed & Silvopasture

Our Cull Yaw mutton sheep are fed on grass and an approach called silvopasture. This is an harmonious partnership between wooded areas and livestock. It involves grazing animals on the organic matter of the woodland floor, like grasses, trees and shrubs, all the while the same vegetation offers the animals vital protection against environmental factors like wind and excessive heat. Our Cull Yaw mutton are fed on a combination of woodland grazing with rich herbal lays.

A flock of cull yaw mutton sheep in a woodland

Slowly Grown

Most of the mutton in the country is culled between the ages of 3 and 5 years. However, in Matt's flock of native breed Cull Yaw North of England Mule's and Romney mutton sheep, the animals are notably older, usually aged seven years and above.

These sheep have covered substantial distances during their lives, leading to the complete development of their muscles. By giving them as much biodiversity as possible in the final stages of their development creates a wonderful layer of flavoursome fat these animals are famous for. 

Cull Yaw mutton sheep in woodland and grass

Shop Our Cull Yaw Mutton

When you choose our Cull Yaw mutton, you support a thriving rural community, sustain small-scale abattoirs, invest in traditional artisan skills, and contribute positively to our landscape's resilience. At the same time, you enjoy highly nutritious and confidently delightful food.

Our slow-growing native breeds, harmonious farming with nature, and bone-hung, grass-fed mutton ensure consistent taste, texture, and excellent marbling, delivering a wonderfully rounded depth of flavour.

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