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Each Oxtail weighs approximately 1kg. We recommend 4 portions per kg depending on your recipe.

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Our Oxtail is the perfect ingredient to make the most wonderful slow cooked stew.

Because of the flexibly of the Oxtail, not least for swishing, it has more gelatinous characteristics than any other cut of beef.

Our Red Ruby Oxtail is packed full of so many good nutrients like marrow and collagen. These nutrients are so good for you, especially for joint and bone health.

We chop the whole Oxtail into rounds making it really easy to handle. All of the sumptuous collagen and gelatin is released into the sauce making the ultimate rich and beefy stew.

Oxtail is the most perfect cut for cooking long and slow and delivering a rich sumptuous flavour.

An often under used and underrated cut. We love to make warming broths, ragus and stews - total comfort food.

Because our Red Ruby cattle only ever have one tail, this means we only ever have a limited stock. If you would like an Oxtail but the product is sold out, do call us and we can pop your name on the next one available.

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