Grass Fed Beef Every Day Steak

A great value steak that provides a dense texture and a rich beefy flavour. Read more

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It’s slightly ironic that these steaks are called ‘Every Day Steaks’ it’s not because we encourage you to eat them every day, it’s because technically they shouldn’t be amazing, they shouldn’t have an unbelievable depth of flavour, and a mouthwatering texture that with each bite releases more intensity.

Our Everyday steaks come from a cut of our 100% Grass Fed Beef that is not heralded like the fillet or the sirloin, but boy to us they are just as good. We may even argue that they are better - they have character and we like character around here.

Each steak weighs approximately 150g

100% Grass Fed Beef

Defrost the steaks by placing them into a bowl of cool water (still in their packaging). They should thaw in less than 10 minutes. Once thawed, remove the steaks from their packaging and dry them all over using a kitchen towel. Season well with good quality pure Sea Salt. 

Take a cast iron pan and heat it until it is very hot. Do not add any oil to the meat or the pan. 

Place the steak in the pan and cook for one minute. Turn over and cook on the other side for a further minute, until the juices start to appear on the surface. 

Turn over and cook for two and half minutes, flipping over onto each side (you could add butter and herbs at this stage and baste).

The cooking time should be five minutes in total. 

Rest uncovered for at least five minutes - be patient as this bit is key. 

Jerk Steak & Noodle Broth with Quick Pickled Onions

A super quick meal, packed full of flavour from the lightly spiced steak to the tang of sweet and sour pickled onions. 

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    Our Jamaican Jerk rub is brought together into a dazzling whirl of flavours, evocative of the sunny Caribbean.


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