Handled with Care

We take just as much care when wrapping and packing our meat as we do when growing it. We have worked very hard to package your meat so that it arrives in the most convenient way to you.

If we had it our way, we'd do away with packaging altogether, but to get our food to you in perfect condition we need to protect it. We have spent a lot of time, over many cups of tea, and much pacing around the kitchen working out the best way to send out our lovely products to you. We have considered many options, trialing and testing, to find how to keep your food at the perfect temperature, in packaging that's easy for you to use and does not harm our beautiful environment.

We are always working hard to reduce our packaging and source sustainable alternatives.

You won't find any polystyrene, bubble wrap, or any other nasty stuff that cannot be recycled or reused in your Pipers Farm meat box.

How will a Pipers Farm Meat Box arrive?

When you receive your Pipers Farm meat box, it will arrive in one of our recycled cardboard boxes. We only use sustainably sourced and recycled cardboard. 

In the box, you'll find your invoice, a handy recipe card and other information about Pipers Farm. All our printed materials are printed on sustainably sourced, recycled, unbleached paper and use vegetable dye to print. 

Once you open your meat box you will find a wool pouch. The wool pouch is clever stuff, it keeps our meat cool during transportation. Made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced wool. 

You'll usually find an ice pack in your meat box. This can be stored in your freezer to use again. 

How will the meat be packaged?

We blast freeze every piece of Pipers Farm meat at the optimum moment. 

We individually wrap each portion so you can take what you need, when you need it and leave the rest for another day.

Each individual portion package is stored in an outer wrap where you'll find details of the product, the best before date and any ingredients. 

How to Reuse, Relove and Recycle Pipers Farm packaging

All paper, card and cardboard can be recycled or composted. 

Our ice packs can be stored in the freezer to reuse.

Our plastic vac packs can be put into your weekly plastic recycling.

Remove the wool from its plastic wrap (put the wrap in the recycling) the wool can then be re-used or composted. We have heard about an array of ways you, our customers, like to reuse our wool. Here are our favourites:

  • Protect plants in colder months
  • Create pet bedding
  • Insulating pipes
  • Wooly sheep costume for a nativity 
  • Composted
  • Nesting material for birds
  • A natural way of reducing slugs on your veg patch


A little update on our environmental responsibility, from our founders:

Almost 30 years ago we founded Pipers Farm with one mission, to produce food we as a family could eat with complete confidence. As part of our mission, we knew we had to produce food in harmony with nature. We wanted to create a company that has a totally open door policy to every part of our process and a company that is ethically and environmentally responsible.

We hate packaging and if we had it our way we would get rid of it all together, however, to get our goods to you we require both packaging and transport - which we know creates waste. 


At Pipers Farm we are a zero to landfill business. Food waste is actually a fabulous source of fuel. It creates energy as it rots to create power, and once the process is complete, compost to go back onto the land. Whilst we utilise the whole carcass there are some parts of our process like chicken heads, that not many of you are keen to eat and so do go into the bin. 

Every week we separate our waste into items that can be recycled and items that are food waste that will head off to the biodigester to create power for the region.


We need to ensure that our materials are 'food safe' this is a directive set out by the FSA who ensure all producers only use packaging materials that are perceived to be not harmful to our health. When it comes to packaging, there are very few options available on the market to package meat that are certified 'food safe', can cope with being transported, can cope with temperatures up to -18, and are practical for you to use at home. For the time being our individual portions will remain in their plastic sleeves, however, we are working on this and hope to share more news on this soon.

For any plastic we use we ensure that we use the lowest grade plastic possible in order to reduce our usage. All the plastic used can be recycled using your weekly curbside collection. 

We will continue to strive to reduce and improve all areas of packaging and waste because just like you we believe in reducing our waste and our environmental impact, to ensure we create an incredible environment for future generations to enjoy.

In the coming months, you will see some changes made to our packaging with the aim of reducing our environmental impact.