100% Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished, they only ever eat forage and mother's milk for their entire lives. We never feed our cattle cereals or soya. In the winter if our cattle are not out on grass they eat silage or hay that is cut from the farm earlier in the year and stored ready for winter feeding.

Slowly Grown, Speedily Delivered

Our native breed cattle are slowly grown to maturity, reaching 31-36 months of age. Once slaughtered, each carcass is hung on the bone for up to four weeks, to develop a wonderfully rounded depth of flavour. These combined approaches enables us to achieve consistent taste, texture and marbling that we are renowned for.

The Entire Farm to Fork Journey

We manage the entire farm to fork process, going the extra mile to ensure every step of the supply chain adheres to our deep-rooted mission. We insist on working with local, small scale abattoirs, who we know are a vital part of a sustainable farming system, and all of our meat is prepared by our own team of passionate artisan butchers. By controlling every step of the process, we know we can deliver a product and a service that you can trust. As we believe in zero-waste and utilising the whole animal from nose to tail, our range of 100% grass-fed beef offal products like our Grass-fed Ox Liver is a delicious addition to classic recipes like Steak and Kidney Pie while our 100% Grass-fed Beef Bones are perfect for making high-protein soups and broths offering a whole host of health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions for Grass Fed Beef

Pipers Farm is 55 acres of beautiful permanent pasture with deep hedgerows. In addition to the livestock reared at Pipers Farm HQ we also work with 45 incredible farms who farm in a likeminded manner and produce meat to our exacting standards. You can find out more about our farms by visiting our sustainable farming page.
Yes, all of our beef, lamb and mutton is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Our cattle, lambs and mutton sheep only consume forage and mother's milk for their entire lives. We simply do not believe in feeding them anything else.
We do not use hormones in our meat. It is a common misconception that hormones are used in British meat. Using growth hormones in meat production has been banned in the EU since 1989. Currently, the UK has a ban on both producing and importing hormone treated meat, which means no British farmer (no matter the standards) is able to use hormones in the production of their meat. However, there is pressure on the UK Government to lower their standards and allow imports from countries such as US and Australia, meaning hormone-treated meat could be available on our shelves. Regardless of changes to trade deals and agricultural policy, we will never, ever use hormones in Pipers Farm meat.
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