Grass Fed Lamb & Mutton

Pipers Farm prides itself on producing 100% grass fed lamb, as well as grass fed mutton, which is among the most sustainable and ethical meats to consume. The difference between lamb and mutton is usually defined by the age of the sheep. Our lamb is slowly reared, reaching maturity between 8-15 months. Our mutton can vary from 4-6 years old in age whereas Cull Yew or Cull Yaw Mutton are elderly ewes that are no longer able to reproduce, usually of about 7-9 years old.

Reared by local Farmer Matt Chattfield at his Farm in Cornwall

Pipers Farm are offering an exciting range of Cull Yaw Mutton products lovingly reared by local Farmer Matt Chattfield at his Farm in Cornwall. Whether you wish to purchase a lean shoulder of mutton, Cull Yaw mutton chops, leg of mutton or a slow cooking Cull Yaw mutton Box for a true Cull Yaw mutton taste experience.

Grass Fed Leg of Lamb
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Grass Fed Leg of Lamb

The pinnacle cut for a classic Roast

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A leg of raw, grass fed, Cull Yaw Mutton with rosemary.
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Cull Yaw Leg of Mutton

A stunning centrepiece that's full of character

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'Cull Yaw' is Cornish slang for 'Cull Ewe'.

A Cull Ewe is a breeding sheep who is unfit to carry a lamb. Cull Ewes are a natural part of the lambing cycle. In most low intensity, high welfare systems, a ewe will be taken out of the breeding flock at 4-5 years old, usually due to an udder failing, or her teeth failing, which means she wouldn't be able to sufficiently keep her and her progeny healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Grass Fed Lamb & Mutton

There are various definitions of lamb, but the most widely accepted is a sheep up to 1 year old. You can find lamb available in the market as young as 3 months old, which to us feels completely wrong. We rear a flock of sheep that straddles the bracket of lamb and hogget. Hogget is widely accepted as a sheep that is older than 1 year and under 2 years. Mutton can be anything from 2 years old.
Once weaned from natural mother's milk, our Suffolk lambs are weaned on to pasture and forage crops. In the depths of winter, our sheep will eat silage cut from the farm and they might also have forage crops such as brassicas, turnips, fodder beet and kale. Our lambs are grass fed and grass finished, eating pasture and forage for their entire lives. The key to the best lamb is slow, natural growth to maturity, eating a natural diet without the use of any artificial, rapid fattening or growth promoters.
We provide cooking instructions within all of our product listing pages. You can also find lots of inspiration for cooking different cuts of lamb and mutton in our collection of recipes.
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