A spicy chilli that is just bursting full of flavour is sure to warm you up. Tender chunks of pork simmer in a spiced-tomato sauce with bursts of nutty peas. Each mouthful is packed full of savoury goodness and you'll be racing to go back for more. Either cook over a fire or on a stove. 



  • In this recipe we have cooked on barbecue coals, however, you can easily substitute with your kitchen stove. 

    Spread a good amount of Sustainable Charcoal in the base of your BBQ. Using one or two of our Sustainable Firelighters, light the coals and leave them to turn grey with fleks of red embers. 

  • Take a sturdy casserole dish and  place it directly into the coals. Once the casserole dish is smoking hot, add the bacon lardons and fry until a good amount of bacon fat has been released and the lardons have become crisp and golden. At this point add the diced pork and fry for around 5-10 minutes until the pork has browned.

  • To the casserole dish, add the onion, garlic and tagine paste, gently fry for another few minutes until the onion has started to softem. The tagine mix will generously coat the meat and give off a wonderfully nutty scent. Next into the pan go the tomatoes and half the stock, along with the bay leaves and marjoram.

  • Now you can remove the casserole dish from the direct heat by hanging it using a chain over your BBQ.

    Gently simmer the pot over the heat for 1-2 hours, adding more stock when necessary. You will need to top up the charcoal to ensure you have a fairly consistent cooking heat. 

    Finally, add the carlin peas and simmer for a further 10 minutes.

    Season to taste and serve in deep bowls either by itself or with tangy sour cream and fresh rice.

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