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Campfire Cooked, Cheese Toastie, by Ben Quinn

Campfire Cooked, Cheese Toastie, by Ben Quinn

By Abby Allen
14, February 2021

Our brilliant friends over at Quicke's Cheese have curated some utterly delicious recipes to inspire your campfire cookery. 

We spent a magical day in the woods with the team, cooking over fire on our fabulous fire pits and delighting in all things cheesy!

We believe some of the best food in life is the most simple. Humble ingredients brought together with love. This recipe is all about just that; good honest ingredients, cooked simply and shared with friends.


300g of coarsely grated Quicke’s Mature cheddar
50g Quicke’s Cows Whey Butter
8 slices of Wild White Sourdough bread
A pinch of Smoked Sea Salt
10 fresh sage leaves


To make our campfire cheese toastie you need to start with the fire. We like to use a mixture of aged wood and sustainably sourced charcoal.
Light your fire and be patient. Wait for the coals to show a good three inch grey coat. Make the fire level and place a heavy bottomed pan straight onto the coals.

While you’re waiting for your pan to get to a medium heat, grate the Mature cheddar into a bowl and the Devonshire Red into another bowl.

Now butter the bread on one side; this will become the outside of the cheese toastie. Place the bread butter side down in the pan and listen out for than gentle sizzle.

Then sprinkle the Mature cheddar over the bread. Don’t worry if some falls into the pan, this will just add to the sticky caramelised flavour. Place the other slice of bread on top, butter side up.

Now comes the important bit. In wood fire cooking we have a phrase; ‘If you’re looking you’re not cooking.’ In the case of the cheese toastie, it’s all about leaving it alone to get a lovely rich brown colour and for the cheese to start to melt.

Once you are happy with your toastie’s colour, carefully flip the toastie and repeat on the other side.

Now comes the magic. Sprinkle the toasted side with half the Devonshire Red, then flip the cheese toastie again and repeat with the side facing you.

This creates the difference between ordinary and EXTRA-ordinary. The Devonshire Red will go so crispy it gives the toastie what can only be described as cheese crackling!

Once your cheese toastie starts to ooze, pop it on a plate and tear two or three sage leaves onto it. The heat of the toastie will wake up the herb, and the smell will be incredible.

Last but by no means least, sprinkle a little smoked Cornish Sea Salt over the toastie, slice it in half with confidence and just wait a few more seconds, admiring the difference between a normal toastie and your campfire cheese toastie.

Recipe by Ben Quinn 


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