Our Properly Free Range Ducks are slow grown, naturally, in small groups free to roam outside on healthy hillside pastures, in natural light with the freedom to display their natural instincts; splashing, scratching for food and dust bathing...

Pipers Farm Pasture Raised Duck

Naturally reared

Our Ducks are a unique strain of Aylesbury, hatched and reared on one of our small scale family farms in Somerset.

After hatching, our free range ducks grow indoors for their first 3 weeks, until they have feathered up and are ready to roam outside. Once their downy feathers are through and they can protect themselves from the elements, our free range ducks head out onto pasture, where they will stay for the rest of their lives.

Free Range Duck

Properly Free Range

Our free range, pasture raised ducks have space to free roam outside on healthy hillside pastures, soaking up natural light, with access to water and the freedom to display their natural instincts; splashing in the wet weather and dust-bathing in the summer.

Our ducks thrive outdoors, unfazed by the elements, so you'll find them running and flapping about outside for the majority of their day, only moving inside once the sun sets. 

Our ducks have big, airy, sheltered arks that are bedded down with fresh straw everyday, ready for them to cosy up at night. 

This properly free range life develops contented ducks with a strong natural immunity - entirely different to what you may find in a supermarket. 

Free Range Duck

Natural Diet

Our Ducks roam freely in the Somerset countryside living outside on pasture. They are fed on a cereal based diet that is free from additives and routine antibiotics, growing at their own natural pace. They are able to scratch and forage through their pasture. 

Pasture Raised Duck from Pipers Farm

Humane Slaughter

We kill each duck individually by hand on the farm where they have been living, which means they never have to travel anywhere. 

Each Properly Free Range duck is dry plucked and hung in the traditional way for up to 5 days to bring out the incredible flavour and texture of this very special meat.

Healthy Duck

Pipers Farm ducks are healthy, nutritious food, grown without the use of antibiotics, and safe from all the food poisoning bacteria associated with intensive farming and factory slaughterhouses. They are strong, healthy birds with a rich, sweet flavour, and strong bones for making nutritious stocks, soups and broths.

If you have any questions about how we rear our Properly Free Range Ducks, please do give our customer service team a call on 01392 881 380 or email hello@pipersfarm.com

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