It has been a year since the launch of our long-planned seafood range in collaboration with our friend, Mitch Tonks and his dedicated team at Rockfish. 

Mitch is one of the most respected seafood experts in the country, and an acclaimed restaurateur, chef and author. His Seahorse restaurant has won the Observer’s ‘Best UK Restaurant’ award; his Rockfish seafood restaurants have also won the Good Catch sustainability award twice.

Together, our primary focus has been to procure the highest quality fish from our coastal regions and ensure its direct delivery to your doorstep.

Fishing and farming

Being a fisherman is an incredibly challenging and perilous profession, with crews battling harsh weather conditions. The occupation is widely recognised as one of the world's most dangerous. Unsurprisingly, few young individuals are interested in joining the industry. The statistics reveal a glaring lack of diversity, with 97% of British fishers being men, predominantly white, and with an average age of 51. Urgent support is needed to reverse this trend and ensure a sustainable future.


When Pipers Farm was established over 30 years ago, we witnessed a similar situation in the farming industry. An ageing workforce was implementing farming practices that harmed our precious soils, while livestock were increasingly turning into mere commodities, with farmers getting marginalised in the value chain.

Disrupting the status quo, Pipers Farm and others have revitalised a failing industry. This positive transformation became possible because customers believed in trustworthy and valued food, enabling the mission to thrive. We believe that together we can do the same for fishing.

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Seasonal Seafood Recipes

Throughout our first year of supplying sustainable seafood, Mitch has created a wonderful collection of recipes to inspire your cookery. From Speedy Seafood Curry and Seafood Tagine to whole Grilled Dover Sole and Barbecued Whole Sea Bass, Mitch has taken us through the seasons with his sublime seafood creations. Explore our stunning sustainable seafood recipes, using the best British fish and seafood.


The Future 

We will carry on with our unwavering commitment to sustainable fishing practices and continuous support for the local fishing community, and we would love you to jump aboard on this journey with us.

Look out for some new and exciting additions to our sustainable seafood range in the coming months. 

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