Introducing Mitch Tonks' Grilled Dover Sole with Samphire Butter, a showstopping dish that will impress your guests at any barbecue. Dover Sole, known as the king of fish, is grilled over fire to perfection, resulting in a delicious spectacle.

Dover Sole stands out due to its unparalleled taste and texture, making it the most flavoursome among the Sole family. It boasts a delicate and sweet flavour, complemented by its firm texture and small flakes.

This sought-after fish is commonly found in the coastal waters of Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset. It prefers sandy and muddy areas, where it buries itself in the seabed during the day and actively feeds at night. While Dover Sole can live up to 40 years, it is now rarely caught above 15 years of age. As a migratory species, it departs from the shoreline during winter and returns in spring.

To enhance the grilling process, Mitch loads the hot coals with branches of rosemary. As the rosemary smokes, it imparts delightful scents to the fish as it cooks.

The final touch is a mouthwatering samphire butter which is poured all over the beautifully grilled fish.

It is a magnificent way to serve a truly remarkable fish!



  • Rub the fish with olive oil and salt, then grill over the fire for 6 minutes on either side, stoke the fire with fresh rosemary to generate some smoke and scent it. Melt the butter in a pan on the side of the grill, add the samphire and a squeeze of lemon, and when the fish is ready, simply spoon it over the fish. 

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